Sentient Tixel® by Krista

Experience Sentient Tixel® the newest thermal-mechanical action technology that treats all skin types quickly and effectively. TMA® is a technology that combines motion and heat with the forward movement of a medical-grade titanium tip. This proprietary non-invasive technology quickly and safely transfers thermal energy to the skin.

Process and Results

Non-invasive skin resurfacing using only targeted heat.

Non-invasive skin resurfacing for all skin types.

Sentient Tixel® treats delicate facial skin. Brief appointments with minimal social downtime. Tixel® is non-laser technology, using only proprietary direct heat.

Why choose Sentient Tixel®?

  • Fast results
  • Well-tolerated, often with minimal-to-no topical numbing
  • The newest thermal-mechanical technology available for skin resurfacing
  • Low social downtime—discrete healing
  • No lasers or microneedles
  • Treatments as quick as 15 minutes
  • Safe to use on all skin types

Sentient Tixel® Specifications

Powered by patented Thermal-mechanical Action (TMA®) for non-invasive on all skin types. Patients don’t want the social downtime, pain, or high costs associated with laser and RF micro-needling treatments. Get impressive results with the Sentient Tixel®.

The Titanium pyramid tips of the Tixel® touch only a tiny area of the skin. As the Tixel® activates, a very brief and uniform spherical heatwave radiates outward and downward to the skin.

  • No disposables – greater return on your investment

  • Limited-to-no topical numbing is required

  • Minimal social downtime

  • Not a laser – no eyewear needed

  • Self-cleaning tip – treatment temperature of 400 C

  • Easy to delegate – preset settings for different skin types

Sentient Tixel® Results

Results may vary. Please consult your practitioner.

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