Get Your BB Glow at Skin Renewal Systems

Get Your BB Glow at Skin Renewal Systems

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wake up every morning with your face looking skin tone perfect? You can stop dreaming and make it a reality with our newest service, BB Glow.

How Does A BB Glow Treatment Work?

BB Glow is achieved through a semi-permanent, micro-needling process that may be a long-lasting solution to waking every morning with beautiful, glowing skin.

  • A microneedling device is used to rejuvenate skin while stimulating the production of collagen (helping us look younger).
  • BB Glow, a semi permanent BB cream foundation, is then inserted using the micro-needling process. 
  • The process leaves your skin positively glowing and is ideal if you have uneven or red skin due to rosacea, redness, or broken capillaries.
  • This is a long-term permanent makeup solution, often lasting four months or more after the initial treatments are complete.
Woman receives Plasma Pen Treatment, similar to the procedure at Skin Renewal Marco Salon and Spa

The Benefits Of Semi Permanent Foundation

In just two treatments, you can enjoy flawless skin without having to use foundation again. It doesn’t wash off after a shower or workout, and it also includes SPF protection. Plus it’s painless and there’s no downtime after the treatment. The first treatment lasts around four months, with additional treatments lasting even longer.

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