Hair Color Made Easy

Hair Color Made Easy

If you’ve ever heard the saying “you change your mind like I change hair colors”, you were probably talking to me. I have tried every shade under the sun from the blondest blondes to just above a blackout. I just can’t seem to make up my mind what color and process suits me best. With so many different choices out there hair color can be a little overwhelming. Today with the help of the amazing group of master stylists at Skin Renewal Salon and Spa we are going to try to help clear up some of the confusion.

First let’s start off by saying that when it comes to color you have the choice of warm, cool, and neutral tones. Warm tones look lighter and have red, gold, yellow and orange undertones. Think chestnut brown or strawberry blonde. They work great for people with tan, olive, and even reddish skin tones. Cool tones which are sometimes referred to as ash have blue, green, and violet undertones that help absorb light making them appear darker. Think champagne or icy blonde. They are also used when a person wants to tone down a brassy hair color. Neutral bases are basically toneless. They are often used when someone wants a balanced color with neither warm nor cool undertones. These colors usually have the word “natural” in their name such as natural brown or blonde.

Now that you have your perfect tone in mind remember that hair color comes in 10 shades. 1 being the blackest black and 10 being the lightest of blondes. People often confuse tone and shade when talking to their stylist about their hair color desires. No worries an experienced stylist will know how to help you achieve the result you desire.

Below we will explain the different hair color process terms an offer some helpful advice to consider when deciding what will work best for you.

  • Single Process – Single process hair color simply means that hair is either lightened or darkened in one step. This is great for people that want to restore shine or just give a hair a little kick.
  • Double Process – Double process hair color is when the hair is chemically lightened prior to coloring (bleach first then tone). This is done when someone wants a bolder change and should always be done by a professional.
  • Highlights – A process that systematically lightens certain strands of hair. This process is generally done with bleach but hair color may also be used.
  • Lowlights – The reverse of highlights, this is a process that is used to darken certain strands of hair.
  • Twilights – A highlight process that is done subtly with small sections of hair. This process is best for someone that wants a little brightness to their hair without looking like their hair has been colored.
  • Dimensional Hair Color – Dimensional hair color is often hailed as either the most natural looking or boldest hair color change. This process mixes both highlights and lowlights to achieve a richer result. Think blonde hair with bronze and mahogany tones throughout.

With each of the above mentioned process there are dozens of variations to each. From foils and caps to ombre and balayage, the list is never ending. The best way to get the perfect look for you is by simply communicating with your stylist. Pictures are best for explaining colors and styles as hair color terms like honey, gold, and sun-kissed are open to interpretation. Working together you will be able to decide on what works best for your lifestyle and facial features. Be honest about budget constraints and desired maintenance levels before deciding on a process and most of all just have fun with your color.

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