Erase by Skin Sheek

Rejuvenate your skin and reveal the beauty within when you choose our leading-edge Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling Treatment – Erase by Skin Sheek™.

What Is RF Microneedling?

Erase by Skin Sheek™ is a form of Radio Frequency Microneedling where radiofrequency (RF) heat is applied during a microneedling treatment providing a more uniform delivery of the microneedling process, which stimulates collagen. RF heat penetrates much deeper than traditional microneedling, leaving the top skin layer cool, while the delivery of RF into the lower dermis minimizes damage to the skin’s surface.

What to expect from Erase by Skin Sheek Treatments? 

Erase by Skin Sheek™ Microneedling is a minimally invasive process used to stimulate the collagen in the skin. The microneedles act as microchannels allowing the focused deep penetration of RF that can ultimately remodel all layers of the skin.

  • It takes about 30-60 minutes and has no downtime for most people.
  • Depending on individual goals, expect a course of 3-6 treatments delivered one month apart for optimal appearance.
  • Results typically last 12-24 months when combined with at home and in-office regimens.
  • Maintenance treatments every 12 months are recommended to preserve the desired result.
  • Numbing treatment is used to minimize pain and discomfort during the treatment.

Who Should Get RF Microneedling

Erase by Skin Sheek™ is recommended for all skin types and is an excellent choice for maintenance and advanced skin alike. Severe skin conditions may require several rounds of treatment to achieve the optimal result.

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Skin Renewal's Erase by Skin Sheek™ Experts

Krista Corrado-Myers has received advanced training in performing HIFU, Microneedling, RF Microneedling, and Plasma Pen treatments. Book your session today!

Krista Corrado-Myers, Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist at Skin Renewal Systems Marco Island
Krista Corrado-Myers
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