Kathy Hall
Wellness Consultant & Massage Therapist

Kathy Hall - Energy & Wellness Consultant at Skin Renewal Systems Marco Island

Kathy Hall has been able to see and understand the energy bodies of people since early childhood.  Having had to keep her senses alert, she  found that seeing Aura’s and the more subtle energies around and within a person came very natural to her. She began her healing work with traditional Massage and soon moved very quickly into the more subtle healing energy work.  In 1996, she became aware that she could do automatic writing, through this guidance I was lead to study at the Arthur Findly college in Stansted England, there she trained in Energy Healing and was lead to Florida. She further studied with Barbara Brennen, Doreen Virtue and many other healers and teachers along the way. Her most recent was learning the Esoteric Healing.  She had many profound experiences where she found she was able to look inside a person and see where there were energies stuck that were causing physical and or emotional problems within that person Through energy healing techniques she was able to shine a light on these blocks and help the person to restore themselves back to a place of balance and health.

In addition to her energy work, Kathy is a licensed massage therapist who trained at PTMI in Washington, DC. She has been a massage therapist for over 25 years and specializes in “Rolfing” . Rolfing is a therapeutic treatment that focuses on the soft tissue manipulation to improve the function of muscle tissues and structure.

Massage Therapist #MA22986

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