Liz Havens - Owner

Liz Havens
Owner / Esthetician

Liz has always been fascinated with personal wellness, health and beauty. In 1999, Liz decided after raising her two wonderful children to embark in a new direction and make her fascination a career. She started by becoming a licensed esthetician and gained experience by working for a local plastic surgery center. Later that year, being compelled to bring Marco a unique spa with superior service, Liz founded Skin Renewal Systems. Dedicated by her commitment to offer her clients the latest in wellness and skin care, Skin Renewal Systems has grown to what it is today. Liz has been a Marco Island resident since 1987.

See why clients love Liz!

“Returning home after three months in Marco Island and three visits to Skin Renewal my daughter said, “your face looks so much better than usual.” I owe this to Liz Havens facials and the products she recommends . I will figure out how to go back more frequently to this spa. Not only is Liz great but also Adrianne (her daughter) and all that work at the spa. They all have a genuine and sincere interest in providing the best service possible.”

“Liz Haven’s HYDROFACIAL is absolutely the greatest facial I have ever experienced! My husband noticed the difference in my face and he even remarked about how great my face looked. When that happened…I knew I would return again!”

“My skin looks gorgeous! What a difference one facial treatment can make! I was smart enough to make an appointment with Liz for a facial treatment. It was the best treatment I have ever had and my skin has never looked so good!! She also started me on ZO skincare and wow what an amazing line! Thank you Liz!!!”

“Skin Renewal is the prettiest salon on the island!! They have the most professional, knowledgeable and friendliest staff I have ever seen. Best salon ever!”

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