Mary Whitley
Massage Therapist

Mary Whitley

Mary is a 2005 and 2008 graduate of the Florida Heath Academy, a licensed massage therapist, and a licensed esthetician in Florida.

She permanently moved from her home state of Ohio to Naples in 2005 after being a snowbird for a few years. She was looking for a new direction and found herself enrolled in massage school and found her passion. Mary is a qualified medical massage practitioner after further developing her skills by choosing continuing education courses to add to her skill set. She has over six years of experience working for chiropractors. Mary also has numerous years of working in various spa settings, including a high-end resort spa. For the past eight years, she also has run a private practice for massage and skin care.

Mary’s passion is medical massage, deep tissue with a myofascial release for sports injuries, and chronic pain relief. She has a knack for working therapeutically deep within layers of the skin, fascia, and muscles without the typical “deep tissue pain.” Her intuition and attention to detail make clients feel completely at ease and relaxed.

She is experienced in Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy. When providing medical massage, she uses products and tools at her disposal, such as high-quality essential oils, hot towels, and stones. Also, she is skilled in cupping, gau shu scrapping, and other implements to assist her in her mission to help her clients move better and help relieve pain.

Whether you desire an indulgent massage, want to work on a long-term injury, or just need to relax, Mary is always able to meet you on your journey to wellness.