Pat Rorke

Pat Rorke

Pat Rorke is the owner of Spa Rockaway in New York and a licensed esthetician in both Florida & NY. During the winter months she will be in Marco Island seeing clients. She is also certified in Reiki, Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha, and Face Yoga and incorporates these techniques into her facials.

Researching products and treatments led her into developing her “Skin Fitness Facials” Each one of us has no doubt put our skin through many abuses and now it’s time to give it a workout, so to speak. Her signature facials are designed to target all layers of the skin along with strengthening the muscles in your face to enhance that natural glow from within!

Patricia is known for her comforting, soothing touch, which adds so much more to any skin care treatment. She takes a holistic approach towards each individual. After all, skin rejuvenation is all about healing.

Call (239) 394-1083 to book your session with Pat!